Saturday, January 21, 2006

Peavey 6505+ Head

Another good news in year 2006, yeah I bought the Peavey 6505+ Amp! This is the amp I have wanted for awhile. Since I found a buyer for the old amp head, so I can get this new one! I sent an email to asking them the dealer in HK as I heard there is no music store selling it. Then I called the HK number and they said they are the warehouse, the person then gave me the number from 東莞 Dongguan. I called and found out it's a factory so they gave me another number which is in Shenzhen. As I called this time finally get to someone who can help me! He's really nice too and he spoke Cantonese to me. I ask him the price and he gave me a price which is very high. Anyway, I told him I can get the amp in the States with much lower. I told him I need in urgent and if he can give me a much lower price, I don't mind to go to Shenzhen to pick up. Anyway, he told me to wait, as they will check for me. Then couple hours later another guy called and he told me they can give me a better deal. Wow, this new deal is even cheaper than the deal from the States. (shipping from US to HK cost $200USD) So of course I wanted it! Well, he told me after I transfer the money to them, I can arrange pick up or delivery from Sheng Wan. Anyway, this afternoon, they finally delivery the head to my bandroom! I tried it and I LOVE IT!!!

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