Saturday, January 07, 2006

Stupid Guitar Buyer

This stupid guy who met me at CWB MTR station, wanting to buy my Gibson SG61. As I have told him that my guitar have some scratches from playing. Also some scartches on the back of the guitar by the belt. So they are pretty much 90% new! I never mentioned it's new. Anyway, when I finally met up this guy, he saw the guitar and told me the condition is not good because of some chips and scratches. Damn! I don't keep the guitar in my closet. I played it come on! Also the condition he mentioned is so so so minor! BTW, before we met, I told him on the phone that we can go into Tom Lee to try it on to hear the sound and see if the guitar works. He then told me that he would just meet up in MTR since he's in rush. Gosh, if you don't try it then how you know you are paying for something works! Plain Dumb!!!

1 comment:

RoserBB said... funny ar, that guy~
is that finally you take the guitar back home?! :P