Saturday, January 21, 2006

Heading to Taipei

Ok people, it's been a whole week I haven't updated my blog! The reason is that I was working on a freelance job. I have to rush out a school prospectus and a press conference booklet in a few days. For a few days I didn't even go outside of the house. The last 2 days I even brought my computer to Baron School of Music to work with the people there since they have the contents changing alot. Now I am glad the job is over and I will soon get my good pay cheque!

I will go to Taipei on the 26th! Yeah cos I have never been there! I am going with Kit, Mac, Riki and Tap! I can't wait to go cos I think it's a very interesting city. Oh yeah more surprise is that Lowee is going to Taipei on the 25th. We have just talked about going to clubs there. She told me there are so many hip hop party girls!

Goldfish_lowee - RK !! ROCK! says:
LUXY!!! PUSH!!! so many chicks! hip-hop!
Goldfish_lowee - RK !! ROCK! says:
like $ 800 NT entrance fee, so reasonable, and nice stage
Goldfish_lowee - RK !! ROCK! says:
galz galz galz!!!
Goldfish_lowee - RK !! ROCK! says:
so much fun to watch them dance!

Haha she's so exciting! I am exciting too!

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