Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Thank You cching

Thanks for helping me to shop last night! I hope you like the little gift I bought for you! I am sure the gloves will be warm enough so wear them in cold weather! Last night I bought a green cap (as I knew my mom wouldn't like it before I showed her this morning) and a pair of Levi's. I am not really a Levi's person but I think they look really good on me. I like its washing and the color! Well, I still have to find times to get some tops as I haven't bought any after all.

Oh yeah last night went to a very nice place to have chocolate fudge cake and some drinks. I like the cake alot and my drink is good! My drink is called "All Full Down" and I never had this before. Basically I told the guy I wanna try something new and I told him I like something strong. Well, this drink is strong! I will sure to try this drink again later cos I love the taste!

Ok, tomorrow I will bring you to a place for cheese cake and tea! Hope you will like it!


cching said...

ok, today i thk u are so bz n not time to take the cheese cake n the flower tea lu. hope u can go back home earlier la. ai... still need to wait the computer but not for ur own use.
ok, i meeting now. ttul

Lowee said...

So we didn't meet in Taiwan finally... I went to LUXY on wed, BIG LADIES NITE! It's a big party called "3P" sumthing, means 3rd wed every month.

Well I know u'r family man now, still, so much fun to watch them dance :P
We danced like there's no tmw too! That is LIFE! Superb!